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I'm a seeexy Hitachiin.

September 2009

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So give 'em jewels


I've decided to post this drabble-esque thing I've been writing on and off for the past two days whenever I've had time. It came out kinda weird, because I didn't really have anything to build on and little-to-no inspiration. In fact, the only reason I wrote this was because I had a dream about what I'm planning to use as the last scene. This entire thing was a build up to that scene. T_T

If anyone bothers to actually read it, it'd be nice if you give your opinion or whether or not I should scrap it, because I've seriously got half a mind to, hehe.

Notes: So, I just mix-mashed about ten different cultures into one story, hehe. It was fun coming up with the different names. :D And the title means "Hell's Butterflies", assuming that my Japanese is correct and I'm not actually one big Asian fail. xD

As the setting sun starts to skim the top of the trees, a small, golden-eyed girl gets up from her place at the base of an oak tree and fingers the heavy, bound book lying beside her. As the crows begin to caw, she flips to the first page, runs a finger down the margins, and slowly, she mouths,

"Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a boy who got lost on the edge…"


He was stronger than Arthur, faster than Tess. Maybe not quite as smart as Conner, who sat quietly in the library poring over ancient tomes day after day, and skinnier than Jippal, all muscles and brawn. He wasn't as good as Raven at casting wards, but was at least as handsome as Emory – at least, that's what Tess had told him when she cornered him in a corridor one day and demanded a kiss.

He was, in all essence, a normal boy. He enjoyed walks through the forest, training in the courtyard, and perhaps kissing girls, if it counted. But that was neither here nor there – the point was, Jun was a regular teenage boy who enjoyed doing things that most teenage boys do. He was, in fact, probably blasé and rather boring to most people; certainly not as witty or fascinating as Alice or Yue, nor shockingly honest, as Jari had the tendency to be.

He was the typical run-of-the-mill teenager, who had nothing to distinguish himself by. In his opinion, fate had obviously not been in a good mood when it had decided to pass by his cradle, resulting in a distinctive lack of eye-catching personality and flair.

Of course, that still didn't explain why he was stuck in the middle of an unknown forest armed only with a dagger and a sling of arrows, and whoa, were all rabbits supposed to have fangs?

Suddenly, he found himself wishing very, very much that he had listened to Conner when they were studying foreign territories and government, because for the love of God, rabbits did not have fangs!

This did not, of course, help him out in the long run, because when we wish, we rarely ever get what we wished for, but often the exact opposite, and, well. You can imagine how he felt when the wolf sprang at him from behind a bloody shrub.

At that exact point in time, he felt his day turn for the decidedly worse.

And Jun was much displeased.


"Mama," the little girl murmured, staring blankly at the pages of the book. "Mama."

She reached out to her side, groping in the air as though tugging on some sort of material – a dress, or a skirt.

"Mama, there's a boy, look." She pointed at the picture on the page, of a boy with feathered brown hair and long, thin fingers, scrambling over branches and roots in attempt to get away from a bearlike, metallic wolf.

"Isn't he pretty, Mama?" and a bright, golden butterfly flew out of the trees and floated near her shoulders, flapping silently in the soft breeze.

"Yes," the girl cooed, fingers ghosting along the butterfly's wings. "He looks very interesting. I would very much like to meet this boy, I think."

She smiled, and the butterfly cracked, split down the middle and burst apart in little fragments of golden light.

"But Mama, do you think the boy wants to meet me too?"


Panting, Jun ran through the woods, lurching forward over roots and slipping through muddy puddles. He could hear the wolf behind him, growling – rhythmic thumps and snaps as the wolf ran through the thicket telling him he only had a few seconds before he would be eaten alive.

There is a clearing in the undergrowth just a few feet ahead of him – maybe if he reached it before the wolf gets to him, if he could get onto level ground - he could have a chance of fighting it off…

But too late, it's catching up now, three feet away, two, now, one-

-and he braces himself for the impact, crouching down in the thicket with his knife held in front of him, blood dripping sluggishly from a cut on his cheek. Closes his eyes, and mouths a prayer – the one he was reading about with Yue and Conner; "In your strength I can crush an army-"

(It's closer now, can't be long till he dies.)

"With my god I can scale any wall-"

There is a brilliant flash of light, and he hears a whisper right in his ear that could have been God, could have been an angel-


"I don't want the boy to die, Mama." So the little girl bends over the pages of the book, golden eyes shining dimly in the feeble light, and breaths,



Those two names were not Merlin refs they were not.

ALSO: "So, like, are you going to watch, or...?"
"I'm always watching, child."
"Hot damn, let's get this thing STARTED! 8D"
Oh, Zack. <3


Y-You like it?! :D
I-I'm not a very good writer compared to Salem or Dual or YOU, haha. Thank you for the comment, tho! It helps when you're writing something if you know someone actually wants to READ what you're writing, lol.

Of course it's your fault I'm quoting CrisisPerverted. Not that I'm complaining tho, lmao. That was just pure WIN. ˙3˙