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I'm a seeexy Hitachiin.

September 2009

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I'm a seeexy Hitachiin.


Well, this is my first lj post. Which means I've got no idea how to start.
But I figure, to kick it off, I'll post a drabble I haven't got on ff.net. My friend says it's cute though I think it's too short, but it'd be nice to leave a comment on it. Just really a little drabble about Sora and Riku from Kingdom Hearts. :]

Title: Celestial
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Pairings: Riku/Sora
Genre: Romance/General
Rating: K
Word count: 410
Summary: Almost there, darling. We'll be together again soon.



Pale, delicate, soft; pulsing like streaking through the air.

I've been waiting for you.

Through the flimsy, viscous surface of the cocoon, a familiar face could be seen, peaceful in sleep and radiant in light.

Yes. Yes, darling. You're almost done. Almost there.

Soft, flaxen hair, honey-toned, shading thin eyelids that cover deep blue eyes.

Almost there, sweetie. Just a bit longer. Then you'll be free.

The superfluous, womb-like casing pulsed again, emitting a soft glow that further lit up the perfectly white room.

So long. It's been so, so long.

The light within the shelter enveloped the limp body within, congealing slowly into a single spot above both shoulder blades. Slowly, feather-like slivers of light formed a pair of glowing wings, wrapped tenderly around the body. Thin, see-through skin stretching over glistening bones thickened and darkened, until it was no longer pale and sickly but tan and warm and alive. Bones hardened, spine arching forward until a slowly rousing head leaned into the soft membrane, which flexed and caved slightly from the pressure. Arms crossed gracefully over a thin chest, like a ballet dancer frozen in mid-pose, angel wings curling around in a soft layer of warmth, foetus-like.

Yes! Almost done, angel. Just a bit more, and we'll be together again.

Suddenly, it jerked to life, reaching an arm up to rub at aching eyes, moaning softly at the feeling of warmth and protection it felt.

You're so beautiful. More so since our last meeting. I can't wait to see your eyes again.

As bright, unfocused orbs scanned the milky surface separating them from the outside world, as if on cue, the cocoon shuddered and slowly split open from the top, folding outward like soft, silky petals. Another pulse of light show outward, bathing the white room in its glow becore slowly fading away, revealinga  small, brunet teenager suspended above the center of the ruined cocoon. Eyelids fluttering slightly, he slowly descended until the tips of his feet were touching the floor, tipping forward until newly formed iwng muscles snapped out and caught him.

That's right, baby. Isn't it wonderful? Don't you just feel so free? There is no one else like you. You have never been so perfect.

As he took his first look at the world from above, in the corner of the room another boy smiled fondly, his own blue-grey wings sweeping across the enclosed walls.

I love you so very much.


Well, that's all I have to say. ^-^ Leave a comment, anyone?